Scam Alerts

Malvern Police as well as surrounding areas have reported an increase for the following incidents:

It has come to the attention of Police Chief Marcelli of a recent phone scam regarding warrants for arrest.

A phone call was made by a male subject identifying himself as Officer John Miller, Badge #1736, of the Malvern Police Department stating he had a warrant out for this person’s arrest. He was instructed to call a (202)-Area Code number to resolve the warrant.

If you should receive a phone call from police, confirm the officer’s identity before calling any phone number or giving any personal information.

To confirm an officer’s identity during business hours, please call the police dept. in question, for Malvern Borough Police: 610-647-0261.

During non-business hours call the County Radio Room at 610-647-1440.

IRS Scam:

Residents and business owners have reported receiving a phone call from a caller who claims to be with the IRS, notifying them they owe back taxes. Once you engage in conversation with the caller, information is given in an attempt “to clear up the confusion.” Please do not give any personal information to anyone on the phone. The IRS WILL NOT call you if a tax problem exist. The IRS will do all communication through the United States Postal Service only.

Business Scam:

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) Business E-mail Compromise


A scam being practiced is a person will call and place an order for product to be mailed to an address out of state.  The person will inform you they will send a check to you for the amount owed.  The check is a  fraudulent check in the amount more than owed.  The person will ask you to cash the check they sent, and ask you to send them a check returning the extra money.

Phone scams such as these are on the rise, and also include claims of lottery winnings or relatives in desperate need of bail money or other cash.

Everyone is urged to contact their local Police should they receive calls demanding or requesting money prior to making any payments.

Please remember that dialing 911 is not for emergencies only.  Any questions, concerns or suspicions, urgent or otherwise, are first met by dialing 911. 

If you have someone come to your door who was not invited, before going outside with them, or inviting them in your home…..”STOP” and call the police.  It is better to call the police for them to check on the person, than to call the police to report a crime.

To contact the Malvern Boro. Police Dept., please call 9-1-1