Composting Pilot


Malvern needs your help! We received 50 volunteers to participate in our new Composting Pilot Program. Participants were provided with a bucket in which they can dispose of fruit/vegetable waste, yard debris, and other compostable items. These buckets will be collected at curbside every other week and brought to a composting site. This pilot program will be at no cost to Borough residents for one year.

Among other things, it is our hope that this pilot program will help lessen our carbon footprint, reduce air/stream pollution, and curtail future garbage collection costs. In addition to these benefits, participants will also be entitled to receive free compost for their yards and gardens.

With your help, the Composting Pilot Program will be a great success and contribute to saving our environment and making Malvern a better place to live.

If you are participating in our program, your first pick up is on March 29th!  Then every other week on Wednesdays.  

Any questions about our program, please visit