Codes Enforcement and Zoning Officer

Codes Enforcement & Zoning Officer

20081217_mlv_031Bill Wilfong is the Borough’s Code Enforcement & Zoning Officer. He may be contacted at the Borough office at 610–644–2602 or via email at Contractors requesting inspections must provide 24-hours notice.

Permits & Fees

Click: Permit applications to access the webpage of permits so you may open/download and complete the necessary forms. You may drop-off or mail the completed forms and fees at the Borough office.

In addition to the standard fees, a $4.00 PA State fee is required when submitting Building, Electrical, Mechanical, or Plumbing permit applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a zoning permit required?

A Zoning Permit is required prior to the erection or structural alteration of any building, structure or portion thereof, and prior to the initial use or for changing use of a building or land and prior to the change, increase or extension of a nonconforming use. A Zoning Permit is also required for all home occupations, home professional offices or home business offices.

Click: Codes, Zoning, & Ordinances to access the Borough’s codes, zoning and ordinance webpage.

When is a Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Permit required?

Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Permits are required for both new and replacement work, as well as for new water supply and connection(s) to the sanitary service system.

Is Borough registration required for contractors?

Yes, all contractors that perform work in Malvern are required to be registered in the Borough. The contractors must provide adequate proof of Workers Compensation Insurance before they can be registered. This is for consumer protection. Consumers should ask to see the registration card.

When is a Certificate of Occupancy required?

Certificate of Occupancy is required for any change to a structure, and for all home sales and all rental units.

What are the requirements for commercial work?

All commercial work requires submission of plans to Malvern Borough.

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