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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Borough Council of the Borough of Malvern, during their regular meeting on August 6, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. at Malvern Borough Hall, 1 East First Avenue, Malvern, PA 19355, will conduct a Public Hearing and immediately thereafter consider the enactment of an ordinance amending Chapter 153, Property Maintenance, of the Code of Ordinances for the Borough of Malvern by Adopting the 2015 Edition of the International Property Maintenance Code; Amending the Penalties for Violations of the Chapter; and Repealing Inconsistent Provisions of the Code. Any person with a disability who requires an auxiliary aid, service or other accommodation to participate in the proceedings should contact the Borough at 610-644-2602 three days prior to the meeting. Complete copies of the ordinance described above are available for public inspection at the Borough of Malvern Borough Hall, 1 East First Avenue, Malvern, PA 19355, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. The full text of the proposed Ordinance is available online at

Christopher Bashore
Borough Manager/Secretary

Ordinance No. 2019-7

                                                        PUBLIC NOTICE