East King Street


A significant redevelopment project in the Borough of Malvern was proposed by 237 King Partners, LLC, and approved by Borough Council. The area under development is on the North side of East King Street, east of 231 E. King St. It includes the former Fisher Feed and Amerigas sites, running East to the Greene Country Landscaping Company location. An additional area to be developed is located in Willistown Township, west of the Rusticraft location.

The Malvern portion of the area is sited wholly within Planning Area #10 of the Malvern Borough Comprehensive Plan. The redevelopment area is designated as a C4 – High Intensity Commercial District; regulations and standards are governed by Article XV of the Malvern Borough Zoning Ordinance.

Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance for E. King St. Development

Ordinance 2009-3 ammends the Borough of Malvern zoning ordinance to provide for multi-use development in the C-4 High Intensity Commercial District.  This ordinance is a product of the E. King St. Task Force activities. A public hearing was held April 21, 2009, 7:30 PM; the amended ordnance was adopted by Borough Council that same day. It may be viewed by clicking on this link:

Conditional Use Approval

Borough Council approved conditional use for this project at its October 5, 2010 meeting. Click on the link below for the full text of the decison;

A conceptual drawing of the final project building – scape may be viewed by clicking on the Artist’s Rendering link below: