Malvern Borough Happenings – A NEW WEBPAGE FEATURE

During the past six months Malvern Borough has gone through an extensive transition. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Personnel Changes:

  • Corinne Badman, Police Department Administrative Assistant, has been appointed to Borough Assistant Manager
  • Aubrey Gruwell-Keating, has joined the Administration as Office Coordinator
  • Gina Seiler, has joined the Police Department as Administrative Assistant
  • Scott Whiteman has joined Public Works as Laborer

At your suggestion and/or request the Borough is making the following changes: 

  • A draft of the most recent Borough Council minutes is being published for review by the public in advance of the following Borough Council meeting.
  • The financial report of the Borough is also being shared to create more transparency in advance of the following Borough Council meeting.
  • The clock in Burke Park has been repaired. Due to the pandemic the new motor was on order for months.
  • State flags have been ordered to be placed with the red, white and blue to honor the fallen in their passing.

PROPOSED Capital Improvement Budget- 2022 to 2026 & Proposed Capital Reserve Budget REVISIONS

Please click on the following link to access the proposed Capital Improvement Budget – 2022 to 2026 & Proposed Capital Reserve Budget REVISIONS to be discussed and potentially approved for amendment, through a public hearing, to the current Capital Improvement Budget & Capital Reserve Budget by Borough Council at their April 19, 2022 meeting:

Proposed Capital Improvement Budget – 2022 to 2026

Proposed Capital Reserve Budget Revisions


Aubrey Gruwell-Keating was recently hired as the Officer Coordinator. She is a welcomed addition to the Borough’s Administration.




Dr. Amy Finkbiner, Ph.D., Borough Council President, left side of picture, Aubrey Gruwell-Keating, right side of picture.


How Safe Is Malvern Compared To Other PA Towns?

In 2021, the Malvern Borough Police Department had 40 UCR (Uniformed Crime Report) reportable crimes.  These are crimes that we are mandated to report to the FBI.  This does not include calls for service, civil complaints, traffic accidents, or calls transferred to other departments.  Only 2 of the crimes reported were considered “violent” crimes as they were assaults.   All others were either property crimes, traffic offenses, or domestic related.

Malvern Borough is Number 97 on the list of Pennsylvania’s safest towns with 3,000 to 10,000 residents.  

Please click on the following link to access the article “How Safe Is Malvern Compared To Other PA Towns”:

Realty Transfer Tax Information

The Borough Council unanimously approved an increase to the Realty Transfer Tax from 1.0% to 1.5% on Tuesday, December 21, 2021.  The reasoning behind doing so is the following:

  • Borough Council found it necessary to raise taxes in order to maintain the high level of service provided by the Borough.  Costs have risen since the last tax increase four years ago.  The realty transfer tax increase balances the 2022 operating budget while also setting aside some funds for future capital improvement projects.
  • By raising the realty transfer tax, the Borough does not need to impose a property tax increase.  Property taxes are annual, whereas the realty transfer tax is only paid when the property is bought or sold.
  • Lower property taxes are a stronger incentive to home buyers than a lower transfer tax.  Also, there are many exemptions to the realty transfer tax, including certain transfers among family members, to governmental units, between religious organizations, to shareholders or partners, and to or from nonprofit industrial development agencies.

The 2022 budget can be found at

Amy Finkbiner, PhD
Malvern Borough Council


Did you know that Malvern Borough accepts online credit card payments?

You can make payments for real estate taxes, quarterly sewer bills, building and other permits, and applicable items with the Malvern Police Department. The Borough outsources this service to MuniciPAY, which is specifically designed for government use. All information entered is secure.

Links to pay online are available on the left side menu of the Malvern Borough website, with specific links for sewer, tax, code enforcement, and police payments. Clicking the respective links will send you to a third-party payment website specifically designed for Malvern Borough. Please be advised that there is a 3% service charge for paying by credit card. Please contact the Malvern Borough administrative offices with any questions.


MuniciPAY offers online payments to many different Municipalities and other government entities across the US. Many of these groups offer online payments to their customers. The following steps may vary slightly from the actual configuration of the entity you are attempting to pay, but the checkout process is the same for all customers.

Help with payments? See link below for details on how to use MuniciPAY.