Residential Recycling

Residential Recycling

Green, Brown & Clear Glass
Plastic (# 1-7)
Aluminum Beverage Cans
Bi-Metal (Tin) Cans
Phone books
Junk mail
Colored paper
White & Ledger paper
Corrugated (cardboard boxes flattened)
Paperboard (cereal type boxes)
Envelopes (with and without windows)

Plate glass
Aluminum foil
Five gallon buckets
Paper towels
Plastic bags
Pesticides, Cleaners,
Window tempered glass
Aluminum trays
Flower pots
Oil, transmission fluid
Wrapping Paper
Plastic cups
Wax coated cartons


Recycling FAQs

Residential Recycling Summary

All residential property owners are REQUIRED to recycle. Act 140 requires the Borough to initiate an enforcement program that monitors compliance backed by a recycling ordinance that provides penalties if residential property owners do not recycle. Because the Borough receives monies from DEP for recycling, we MUST comply with the law!!

Solid Waste trash collection is collected for all “Borough Collection Properties” on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Recycling is collected on Fridays.

“Borough Collection Properties” – The premises at which the Borough will collect refuse generated by permitted (under the Zoning Ordinance) use(s) of the premises. Borough collection properties include only residential dwelling units which are not part of a mixed use or in a building or on a lot or premises with six or fewer dwelling units.

Leaves are collected at curbside during the entire month of November. Rake your leaves to the curb and the Public Works Dept. will pick them up. As leaves are picked-up when time permits, there is no specific schedule or locations for collection.

Christmas Trees will be collected on one or two Saturdays in January. Check the website for the date of pick-up. As the hauler will send a separate truck for the trees (in order to recycle them), this is the only date(s) they will be collected.

Additional Residential Recycling Information