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Recycling For: Commercial / Institutional / Schools / Churches / Restaurants / Little League

All commercial properties, industrial facilities, restaurants, churches, schools, etc., are REQUIRED to recycle. Act 140 requires the Borough to initiate an enforcement program that monitors compliance backed by a recycling ordinance that provides penalties if residential property owners do not recycle. Because the Borough receives monies from DEP for recycling, we MUST comply with the law!!

Commercial/Industrial/Schools/Churches, etc., fall under the heading of “Private Collection Properties”

“Private Collection Properties” are all properties, premises and uses which are not Borough collection properties (this definition can be found under the Residential heading above). Private collection properties include, but are not limited to, all properties used for industrial, commercial, restaurant, agricultural, institutional, community, religious and philanthropic, rooming house, boarding house, hotel, apartment buildings for developments and condominiums with six or more dwelling units (as all those uses are commonly defined and/or as they are defined by the Zoning Ordinance, all nonresidential and mixed uses as well as any residential building or development (e.g., apartment building or condominium development) with more than six dwelling units on the premises).

Commercial Businesses

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