Documents and Properties

Enclosed links to the adopted Historical Ordinance & Property Listing:

  1. Ord No. 2015-5 Historic Ord
  2. Property List
  3. Historic Resource Application
    • For Applying, Reclassifying or Removing Property

Click on the following link to view the Walking Tour of Malvern Borough.


Malvern Memories

Responses 2007 the Malvern Historical Commission contest to identify favorite Malvern events, places, and memories: Malvern Memories

Nancy Schmitt Article on Low-Tech Research in a High-Tech World.

Historical Signs

An article detailing the background on the Historical Markers at the intersections of King St. & Sugartown Rd. and Warren Ave. & Paoli Pike.


137 Monument Avenue

A history of the house at 137 Monument Avenue.