Police FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions – Police Department

How do I obtain a copy of an accident report or incident report?

You can mail your request to:

Malvern Police Department
1 E. First Ave. Suite 1
Malvern, PA 19355

In your request, include a self–addressed stamped envelop and a check or money order for $15 made payable to Malvern Borough. Also include the date of the accident or incident, location, incident number and/or name of the complainant or operator of the vehicle. Generally, insurance companies will obtain accident reports for their insured.

Processing time is generally three to five working days. You may also stop at the Malvern Police Department to pick up your report Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please call (610) 647–0261 with your request so the report is available upon arrival.

Where do I pay my traffic ticket?

Traffic citations and non–traffic citations (tickets, except parking tickets) can be paid at the following locations, depending on where the violation occurred:

District Court 15–2–05
Judge Chester F. Darlington
1572 Paoli Pike
West Chester, PA 19380
(610) 430–1966
District Court 15-2-05

Where do I pay my parking ticket or alarm ordinance violation?

Parking tickets and alarm violation bills can be paid by mail or in person at the Malvern Police Department between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call (610) 647–0261. Checks should be made payable to Malvern Borough.

Where can I get information about civil or criminal hearings?

District Court schedules all hearings. You may contact them at the following locations, depending on where the incident occurred:

District Court 15–2–05
Judge Chester F. Darlington
1558 Paoli Pike
West Chester, Pa
(610) 430–1966
District Court 15-2-05

Can I make a late report of a crime or traffic accident by phone?

No. In the event of a crime, police officers should respond to the scene and gather information as soon as possible. If you want to file a late–reported or hit–and–run accident, you must bring your vehicle to the police station. This will assist the officer investigating the accident.

How can I file a Protection from Abuse Order?

Visit Chester County’s website: Protect from Abuse Order

Where can I find answers regarding my Pennsylvania Drivers’ License or vehicle registration?

Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website: PADoT

Where can I find information about criminal arrest records?

The Pennsylvania State Police are the central repository for criminal history information in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania State Police website details the steps for obtaining criminal history information: Obtaining Arrest Records

Where can I find information about crime in Malvern Borough?

The Malvern Police Department provides this information to the Pennsylvania State Police for dissemination to the public via their uniform crime reporting website: http://ucr.psp.state.pa.us/UCR/ComMain.asp.

As a victim of a crime, can I receive financial compensation?

Under certain circumstances, Pennsylvania crime victims may receive compensation. For more information, visit the Victims’ Compensation website: http://www.pccd.state.pa.us/