Major Roads

Malvern and Local Road Network

Malvern is unique among Chester County municipalities in having no State owned roads bisect the Borough. State owned and maintained roads though do form a portion of the southern (Paoli Pike) and western (Sugartown Road) Borough boundaries.

There are ten miles of roads within the boundaries of Malvern Borough; none of these are state highways. Paoli Pike and Sugartown Rd., bordering the Borough to the South and West respectively, are state highways.  In addition, there are a number of private roads (serving individual developments) and alleyways in the Borough. In total, there are approximately 18 miles of roadways in and bounding the Borough.


Malvern Street Map

(Aerial View)

The Borough has a road density of eight (8) linear road miles per square mile of land area - a typical density for a borough in Chester County.

Malvern residents also benefit from several major transportation corridors in the immediate area, including US Route 30, US Route 202, Route 29, Route 401, Route 252, and Route 352.