Malvern Borough Tree Program


            The Shade Tree commission will continue its partnership with The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to participate in The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources TreeVitalize Program.  This program makes high quality, bare root, ready to plant shade trees available for a nominal fee. Over the last few years this partnership along with the participation of Malvern residents and the Borough covering the cost, has  made it possible for over 150 trees to be planted throughout the Borough.

            If you are interested in a tree for your property this Spring, please email the STC at: We will have small, medium and large trees available.  They will include cherries, hophornbeams, buckeyes, ginkgoes, locusts, elms, oaks, maples and London plane trees.   This offer is a first come, first serve basis, so please contact us before February 15th.  Tree orders, size and species selection, instructions for planting and delivery dates are communicated to interested residents.