Driveway Scam Alert

Neighboring towns have an increase in “Driveway Scams”.  Please be aware of this type of scam.  This is when someone may knock on your door and tell you they were in the area sealing a driveway and they have extra material, and they can seal your driveway. The product used is not sealer, and will do nothing for your driveway.

  • Do not permit anyone to do work on your home who you did not call in advance;
  • Do not permit work to be done without checking the company out first.

This type of scam is usually targeting older residents. 

If you have someone come to your door who was not invited, before going outside with them, or inviting them in your home…..”STOP” and call the police.  It is better to call the police for us to check on the person, than to call the police to report a crime.

To contact the Malvern Boro. Police Dept., please call 9-1-1