Malvern Fire Company Summary of Operations

The Malvern Fire Company has three divisions which encompass the overall operations of the fire company. The Malvern Fire Company provides Fire and EMS coverage (Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support) to Malvern Borough, and portions of Willistown Township, East Goshen Township, and East Whiteland Township. Staffing for these services is provided by dedicated career and volunteer members of the fire company. The divisions have various officers that ensure the delivery of service for these.

Fire Division

The Fire Chief is the overall lead of the fire division that provides fire, rescue and fire police services to the citizens of Malvern and surrounding areas. This division operates an Engine, Ladder, Tanker, and two support vehicles. The current officers of the fire division are:

Fire Chief: Jim Rapp

Deputy Chief: D. Matt Miles

Assistant Chief: Kyle Vaughn

Assistant Chief: Gerald Vaughn

Captain: Joseph Fitzgerald

Captain: Martin McKenzie

Lieutenant: Larry Crisp

Fire Police Captain: Mark Johnson

Fire Police Lieutenant: Jack Chapman

EMS Division

The Director of EMS Operations is the overall lead of the EMS division that provides Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) services. This division operates two ambulances, two medic units and one medical ATV and answers over 2,500 calls for service each year. The Director of EMS Operations is also the career staff manager and is the front-line supervisor for the full time and part time employees of the fire company.

Director of EMS Operations: Eric Nowaczyk

Administrative Division

The Board of Directors Chairperson and President oversee the administrative function of the fire company. As with any Board of Directors, they are the governing body of the

fire company with oversite on the finances and management of the company. The Administrative officers run the day-to-day tasks of the business administration of the company. The current administrative officers of the company are:

Board of Directors Chairperson: D. Matt Miles

President: Joe LeBresco Sr.

Vice-President: Gerald Vaughn

Treasurer/Trustee: Beth Nields

Board of Directors Vice Chairperson: Bill Nields

Trustee: Barry Patton

Trustee: Paul Marziani

Trustee: Neil D. Vaughn

Your Local Elected Officials Are Only An Email Away

Borough Council looks forward to hearing from you by email and in person at meetings of the Borough Council.

Below you will find contact information for Borough Council, the Mayor & Police Department, and the Borough Administration.

Contact your elected Borough Council officials and the Mayor by email:

Amy Finkbiner, PhD President
Joe Bones Vice President
Lynne D. Frederick Member
Marty Laney Member
Mark Niemiec Member
Brendan Phillips Member
Angela Riccetti Member

Borough Mayor

The Mayor is elected on an “at large” basis by the electors of the Borough for a 4-year term. The Mayor has operational control of the Police Department. Zeyn B. Uzman, Mayor (Elected Term: 1-1-2026) Mayor Uzman may be reached at:

The Borough Administration’s Contact information is at the following link:

Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED) Grant Awarded to Malvern Borough for Randolph Woods

Malvern Borough is grateful for the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Developments support in bringing the Randolph Woods Nature Preserve improvements to fruition with a grant totaling $158,249. Phase 1 of the Master Site Plan focuses on ADA-accessible amenities that will make this “hidden gem” a refuge for people across the region, bringing them in direct contact with the natural resources surrounding this headwaters of the Crum Creek. Together, the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources are contributing $408,249 towards $500,000 of improvements, including an ADA compliant creek trail and boardwalk, a new ADA compliant pedestrian bridge, improved access to the site, an ADA compliant meadow creek trail and meadow restoration, interpretation of this important headwaters area and forest preserve, ADA compliant parking, a nature-based play area, stormwater best management practices, installation of ADA compliant benches and picnic tables, and tree plantings.

The process to revitalize and preserve Randolph Woods began in 2015 through an ad-hoc committee that developed the Randolph Woods Master Site Plan. Senator Timothy P. Kearney, Senator Carolyn T. Comitta and Representative Kristine C. Howard’s offices are in active support of the revitalization of Randolph Woods and played a key role in securing grant funding recently and throughout the years. The Borough greatly appreciates and commends their commitment and stewardship of Chester County and the Malvern Borough community. Malvern Borough looks forward to preserving and providing a nature preserve for the community to enjoy.


To:  Malvern Borough Residents

The Shade Tree commission will continue its partnership with The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to participate in The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation  & Natural Resources TreeVitalize Program. This program makes high quality, bare root, ready to plant shade trees available for a nominal fee.   This partnership along with the participation of Malvern residents and the Borough covering the cost, has made it possible for over 300 trees to be planted throughout the Borough.

  • Most trees are 1.5″ caliper and 8-12ft tall

If you are a borough resident interested in a tree for your property this Fall, please email the STC at:   We will have small, medium and large trees available.   With your email request, please submit your  home address as well as phone number. This offer is a first come, first serve basis, so please contact us before September 6th. Tree orders, size and species selection, instructions for planting, and delivery dates are communicated to interested residents via email. We owe a special thanks to our Public Works Department for the pick-up in Philadelphia and delivering these trees to our residents on November 16th. Together we are continuing to keep Malvern green and providing lovely streetscapes.